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Chien Chi Tow began in 1969 as a Martial Arts Institute. The company expanded its services over the years, and established itself as a premier Traditional Chinese Healthcare provider. With a trusted history of 46 years, and a workforce of more than 130 employees, it now serves its clients in the 12 outlets of Singapore.

Why are you called “Chien Chi Tow”?

The name reflects the company’s roots of pugilistic arts (“Chien” meaning “fist” and “Chi” meaning “weapon”).

What are the values of your company?
What is unique about Chien Chi Tow?
What is the relationship between “Tui Na” and “Qi Gong”?
Why is Chien Chi Tow “Tui Na” so effective?
Can you tell me more about the Founder of Chien Chi Tow?
How did Chen Chi Tow progress to its current organization?